McDonald’s - Good Food
Good Food
High Quality Chicken Meat without Added Growth Hormone

We source chicken from farms with evaporative cooling system and management technology providing the fully enclosed animal houses with suitable living conditions and prevention of diseases. Chicken are raised under strict veterinary care to ensure optimal health and meet McDonald's food safety, quality control standards and animal health & welfare requirements.

Pollock from Sustainable Fisheries

We serve wild-caught Pollock from sustainable fisheries in the Pacific Ocean certified by Marine Stewardship Council, an international NGO addressing efforts to protect oceans and safeguard seafood supplies for the future. A special quick-freeze process at sea seals in the ocean-fresh quality of the fish.

Pork Free from Beta-agonist

We buy pork from suppliers who meet our strict food safety, quality and animal health & welfare requirements. High quality pork is free from Beta-agonist.

Beef Imported from Australia

We import high quality beef from Australia. The beef cattle are grain and grass-fed from farms that meet our strict quality standards. Our beef patties are seasoned with salt and pepper.

100% Natural Fresh Potato

Our Gold Standard Fries are sliced from whole natural fresh potatoes including Russet Burbank, Russet Ranger, Umatilla Russet and Shepody that provide the best moisture content, shape, color with minimal defects to make our world famous French Fries. They are freshly prepared, hand-salted, and served hot to deliver the best taste experience.

Hygienic Fried Eggs Freshly Cracked & Cooked on the Grill

Produced from healthy laying hens, hygienic and good quality eggs are inspected, sanitized and packed before delivery to McDonald's. They are fresh, complete with nutrients and free from contaminants. We use freshly cracked eggs cooked on the grill in our menus.

Fresh Bun Served Hot

We are serious about delivering great quality buns with Gold Standard that means golden brown in color, soft and resilient, tender and moist in texture. Our buns are freshly toasted or steamed right before they are served.

Fresh Vegetables from Local Farms

Highest quality and food safety standards are our commitment. Vegetables are sourced from local farms, freshly cut, washed, chilled, and packed into seal bags in temperature-controlled van to ensure maximum freshness and safety before delivery to our restaurants. We source lettuce from Royal Project Foundation.

Freshly Cooked Jasmine Rice

We use only premium jasmine rice which is soft and sticky texture giving a natural aroma grown by local farmers. All rice is processed in the modern rice mill equipped with high technology and quality control standard.

100% Arabica Coffee Beans

We use Arabica coffee beans from sustainable coffee certified by The Rainforest Alliance protecting biodiversity, conserving resources for the good of the planet and future generations and ensuring that coffee farmers, families and communities are treated well.

Boost Your Energy with Breakfast

Nutritionists often say that Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it gives us energy to start the day right. We offer delicious breakfast and wholesome choices to start the day with our McMuffin, daily & freshly cooked McD Porridge and McD Patongkoh.

Happy Meal

We offer Happy Meal choices for entrees, sides, and beverages which moms can mix & match to suit their child’s dietary needs. We give families more choices by serving Apple Slices, UHT Milk or Ovaltine in Happy Meal.